Save and resize images in Laravel


This article is my learning log of saving images and resize it afterwards with Laravel and its package Internention

Install package Intervention

Please refer to the installing guide on its official GitHub

composer require intervention/image
  • Findconfig/app.php, and add
  • in array $providers, and add
    'Image' => Intervention\Image\Facades\Image::class
    in array aliases
  • Following the official website and build the link

    • Type the follows In terminal
      php artisan storage:link
  • After the command, the project/storage/app/public and project/public/storage will be linked and so shared with each other

    • When you save files, please save it to project/storage/app/public/(anySubdirectoryYouWant)
    • If you want to produce externally accessible URL, use project/public/storage/(anySubdirectoryYouWant)/fileName, because from external, the default accessible folder is public, so please use asset('storage/(anySubdirectoryYouWant/fileName)')

Validate if the image is brought

// Because we don't need a lot of stuff, so we could only take what's in $request array.
$parameters = request()->all();

if (request()->hasFile('image'))
// The file exists, so we save it to project/storage/app/public, and get the URL. In case, we will get 'public/fileName'
$imageURL = request()->file('image')->store('public');
// However, we only want to insert pure file name into the database, so we remove the 'public' and only leave 'fileName'
$parameters['image'] = substr($imageURL, 7);

Re-organise the size of the image

  • We are going to do resizing, so we will need the package intervention.
    • Below namespace, add
      use Intervention\Image\ImageManagerStatic as Image;
// Get the instance of the item I just inserted
$item = Item::update($parameters);

// Set the driver
Image::configure(array('driver' => 'gd'));

// If we simply dd(storage_path), we will get 'project/store/', but it's not what we want.
// So we append 'app/public/', that's the internal file address
// Note that when resizing images, the target is in internal directory
// Also, after resizing, we save it with the same name in the same place.
Image::make(storage_path('app/public/' . $item->image))
->resize(300, 300)
->save(storage_path('app/public/' . $item->image));

Delete the image upon the user’s request

if ($request->imageDelete == true)
$item->update(['images' => null]);

Produce publicly accessible URL

// When returning publicly accessible URL, it will have to be external address.
return asset('storage/' . $parameters['image']);
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